Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical ROI for a BAYweb system?
For most facilities, costs will be recouped by energy savings alone (not to mention equipment failure detection) in about one year. And, you’ll achieve those savings year after year without any additional fees or charges.

How does BAYweb prevent equipment failures
BAYweb Cloud EMS monitors your HVAC equipment health in real time and sends you email and text message alerts if any of your HVAC units fall below the optimum performance threshold. This enables you to proactively maintain your equipment, rather than react to equipment failures.

What happens if the internet connection goes down?
If your Internet connection goes down, your BAYweb hardware will continue to function normally. However, you will not be able to control your HVAC unit or lighting via Cloud EMS or the mobile apps until the Internet connection is restored. Any changes made while your BAYweb hardware is offline will be queued in Cloud EMS and will take effect once the internet connection is restored.  Cloud EMS also includes an alerting function that will notify you when your BAYweb hardware is unable to communicate with our servers and when the hardware is back online.  If the Internet is down for more than 48 hours, the thermostat will revert to basic operation, meaning it will stop running on a schedule and operate on the local occupied set points. Once the Internet connection is restored, the thermostat will resume normal operation.

How can I manage refrigeration with BAYweb? 

Each BAYweb Professional thermostat has the ability to monitor three temperature inputs (in addition to the keypad temperature). Managing refrigeration units (walk-in coolers, freezers, etc.) is as easy as installing one of our BAYweb temperature sensors in the refrigerated space you want to monitor.

Once temperature sensors are installed, BAYweb Cloud EMS provides 24/7 real-time monitoring and alerting for your refrigerated assets. If any refrigeration temperatures rise above your configurable thresholds, you will receive an immediate email and/or SMS text message alert. 

How do I configure my network for remote access?

Our plug and go networking technology means that no configuration of any kind is needed to your network. Just plug it in and your thermostat will be on line within one minute. If you can surf the web from your network, your thermostat will connect to the BAYweb servers. 

What about network security?

Unlike wireless systems, BAYweb’s plug and go networking enables BAYweb devices to be connected to a web portal without local network configuration of any kind. That means that no security configuration is needed for the BAYweb Thermostat. The thermostat will not accept any type of incoming connection and will only connect to the BAYweb portal servers using an encrypted uplink.

Why doesn’t BAYweb charge an ongoing fee like other providers?

We don't believe that customers should have to pay a monthly fee for their energy management system to function as it is designed to. The purchase price of BAYweb includes unlimited, full-featured access to Cloud EMS (and all of its capabilties), and it always will. 

For customers interested in an actively managed, turnkey solution for their facility management (i.e. energy management as a service), BAYweb offers a variety of monthly service options for which we do charge fees.