Scalable Energy Management for Everyone

BAYweb Cloud EMS builds on over 30 years of Bay Controls technology to bring enterprise energy management to commercial, educational, and institutional customers. Whether you have one location or thousands, Cloud EMS gives you the power to easily control and monitor your HVAC and lighting equipment from anywhere you have an internet connection, all for a fraction of the cost of a traditional energy management system.

Key Features of Cloud EMS


Cloud EMS gives enterprise users, multi-location business owners, or multi-unit institutions all the power of a traditional energy management solution coupled with the simplicity and flexibility of a cloud/app-based platform.

Some of the key capabilities of Cloud EMS include:

  • Enterprise functionality for efficient management of tens, hundreds, or thousands of HVAC units and locations

  • Graphical interface for schedule and set point control

  • Temperature monitoring and alerting for spaces and key assets (coolers, freezers, etc.)

  • Customizable reporting engine for comprehensive HVAC energy analysis

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Unlike many other enterprise energy management solutions, Cloud EMS is included with every BAYweb hardware purchase at no extra cost. There is no subscription requirement or access fee to use all the features of Cloud EMS.

For customers who are interested in a managed solution where HVAC and/or lighting assets are controlled and monitored by the BAYweb Energy Management Team, we do charge a monthly fee that varies based on the number of units, locations, level of supervision needed, etc. If you are interested in learning more about our managed solutions, please contact our sales team via the form below.

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To learn more about Cloud EMS, request a live demonstration, or ask a question, please contact the BAYweb Sales team using the form below.

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