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Cloud EMS

Cloud EMS is the heart of BAYweb. Easily accessible via web browser or mobile app, Cloud EMS gives you the power to take control of your energy use, reduce operating costs, and monitor what's important to you. 

A few features of Cloud EMS include: 

  • Graphical interface for schedule and set point control

  • Enterprise functionality for efficient management of tens, hundreds, or thousands of HVAC units and locations

  • Temperature monitoring and alerting for spaces and key assets (coolers, freezers, etc.)

  • Customizable reporting engine for comprehensive HVAC energy analysis

Take it for a test drive

A successful energy management solution should fit the way your organization runs. That's why we work with our customers to make sure BAYweb is a good fit for them with live demos, pilot installations, and small-scale rollouts.

Contact the BAYweb sales team to schedule a Cloud EMS demo and take it for a for a test drive. 

BAYweb Hardware

All core BAYweb hardware is engineered in-house by the BAYweb development team to provide a seamlessly integrated HVAC and lighting control backbone that can scale effortlessly from 1 to 10,000 units or locations. 

Compatible with most HVAC equipment , the BAYweb Professional Thermostat uses industry-standard wiring to connect legacy HVAC units to Cloud EMS. 


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To learn more about what BAYweb and Cloud EMS can do for you, contact the BAYweb sales team.

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