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Built for Operators

“It takes more hands than I can afford to respond to mechanical problems, continually reset HVAC equipment, and still squeeze energy savings at multiple buildings.  If you want my attention, show me how to do it better.” 

Effective Operations are all about doing more with less.  BAYweb gives you unprecedented power to do just that.

24/7 Mobile Control for All Your Building Locations
Monitor and control one or thousands of HVAC and refrigeration units and lighting circuits from a desktop, tablet or smartphone -- anytime, anywhere you have Internet access with BAYweb Cloud EMS

Optimize Energy Use
Establish schedules, set points, and local keypad limits for common building types, regions, and comfort requirements to control utilization and save energy costs.

Equipment Performance Alerts
Identify equipment that falls below pre-determined operating efficiency thresholds, and automatically notify facility designees to take maintenance action before a costly failure occurs.

Simplify your Operations with BAYweb.
See how our customers are putting the power and reliability of BAYweb to work for their businesses.

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