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Built for IT

 “Our execs want to use the web to centralize HVAC and lighting control.  Sounds like a great way to save energy costs, but what about the risk?  Show me how we’re protected when we open our systems to the cloud.”

It’s your job to make sure the systems and devices in your organization are protected from security threats and functioning correctly. BAYweb's secure connections and simple installation is designed to make your job easier.

Secure Networking
A simple ethernet port connects BAYweb devices to a web portal without any network configuration. The thermostat and other devices will not accept any type of incoming connection and will only connect to the BAYweb portal servers using an encrypted uplink.

Simple and Economical Installation
Install BAYweb on your own in about 30 minutes or let us seamlessly manage the installation and testing process for you throughout your facility network.

Extend Your Smart Technology
Add a variety of monitoring devices – like sensors or alarms – to gain even greater control over your facilities and their energy use. Or add intelligent lighting control with BAYweb Light Box.

Protect Your Systems with BAYweb.
See how our customers are putting the power and reliability of BAYweb to work for their businesses.

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