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Built for Your Bottom Line

 “Like everyone, I want to cut our energy costs.  But what worries me more is knowing that every day I have several thousands of dollars in assets that get one day closer to wearing down.  How can you help me avoid that?”

Our Energy Management System pays for itself with energy savings alone in about a year.  Yet many financial managers get even greater value from BAYweb’s real-time equipment performance data that helps them manage thousands – or even millions – of dollars worth of capital equipment assets.

Centralized Dashboards with Performance Data on Every Unit
Monitor real-time data from every unit at each of your sites to identify and prioritize units in need of immediate attention.

Decision-Support Data
Get tangible metrics to help you make better business decisions regarding your most vital energy consuming assets.  Want to understand how equipment performance varies by brand, region or footprint?  Or the impact of lower temperature settings on revenue?  Now you can.

No Recurring Costs
Once installed, there are no ongoing fees for your BAYweb system.  You’ll always have complete and unfettered access to your cloud-based Command Center with no additional costs.

Manage Your Assets with BAYweb.
See how our customers are putting the power and reliability of BAYweb to work for their businesses.

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