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Sunset Ford Car Dealership

Auto Dealer Utilizes BAYweb to Ensure Showroom Comfort

Sunset Ford is a family-owned auto dealership with showrooms in St. Louis, MO, and Waterloo, IL. A Sunset Ford priority is to keep their showroom comfortable where most of their customer relations take place.

Sunset Ford had problems maintaining the temperature of their showrooms. They researched possible temperature control solutions and discovered BAYweb internet thermostats. Today, BAYweb Cloud Services allow employees to focus on customers rather than comfort or maintenance problems.

BAYweb has improved the dealership’s comfort, and reduced their maintenance and energy costs

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The Customer

  • Sunset Ford is a family-owned car dealership with showrooms in St. Louis, Missouri, and Waterloo, Illinois.
  • A primary goal for Sunset Ford is to keep the customers happy and in the showroom, where most of the customer interaction takes place.

The Problem

  • The owner of Sunset Ford had difficulty with temperature control in the main showrooms of both dealerships.
  • Sunset Ford wanted the customer’s comfort and experience to be a top priority.

The Solution

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  • The dealership researched solutions to the temperature control problem and found BAYweb internet thermostats to be their best solution.
  • The owner stays in touch with his HVAC systems through a Smartphone, tablet, or PC. He also receives alerts to any incidents, such as power outages, so it can be addressed quickly before the problem escalates.
  • Sunset Ford uses the BAYweb cloud-based system to remotely adjust HVAC units on holidays, or when the dealerships are closed, to avoid unnecessary usage.
  • BAYweb alerted Sunset Ford when one of the HVAC units wasn’t running at peak performance. They were able to promptly call a maintenance company to correct the problem before it became a bigger issue, saving the business time and money.

Key Technologies and Implementation

  • Allows the owner more control and visibility in the energy management of his dealerships.
  • Control one-to-thousands of HVAC units at the same time.
  • BAYweb Cloud Services allow employees to focus on customers rather than comfort or maintenance problems.
  • Sunset Ford found BAYweb customer support very responsive, quickly resolving any matters.