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Baja Auto Insurance

Baja Auto Insurance Sees 90-day ROI

Before installing BAYweb, Baja Auto Insurance was struggling with the cost of managing HVAC energy consumption and maintenance issues at their 88 locations spread across Texas. 

After installing BAYweb, general manager, Rafiq Mhadani was able to efficiently control and manage all of the office locations using Cloud EMS on his laptop and smart phone. By reducing energy and travel costs with keypad lockouts and a cloud-based control platform, BAYweb paid for itself in 90 days.  

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The Customer

  • Founded in Buckner, Texas, in 2006, Baja Auto Insurance is a personal lines insurance company with 88 locations in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, area.

The Challenge

  • Baja Auto Insurance was having issues with their individual office locations being either too hot or too cold due to employees adjusting thermostats to their personal preferences.
  • With offices spread across Texas, Rajiq Mhadani, the general manager, was wasting time traveling to each location to deal with temperature adjustments, and HVAC maintenance and repair.

The Solution

  • Baja Auto Insurance found a solution by installing BAYweb Thermostats in locations scattered throughout Texas. 
  • By taking advantage of BAYweb’s Cloud EMS Service, Rafiq was able to monitor and control the temperature of each location by using his Smartphone, tablet, or PC, saving him hours of travel. 
  • With BAYweb Cloud EMS Service, it put the power in Rafiq’s hands, being able to lock out other employees from adjusting the temperatures to extreme settings, saving him 25% and paying for itself within three months. 

Key Technologies and Implementation

  • 24/7 Control and monitoring of all locations and thermostats from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. 
  • Automated Performance Analysis Reporting provides information to proactively service HVAC equipment to prevent emergency service calls or additional damage to units.
  • Ease of installation
  • No additional or recurring costs for BAYweb Cloud EMS.