The Advent of a Smart HVAC Network

AdventsmarthvacIn previous posts, we’ve discussed how today’s energy management systems convert “dumb” HVAC systems into a well-managed, smart HVAC network. Without this “smart” capacity, multi-facility operators have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of assets (the cost of all the HVAC units at all their locations), with literally no data to help them manage those assets effectively.

By unifying control of HVAC units throughout a multi-facility operation and capturing and applying performance data from every location, it is now possible for operators to manage their entire operation’s HVAC systems as a unified “portfolio” of intelligent units from a single dashboard. Automated reporting tools provide real-time reporting on the condition of every HVAC unit in every location with automated e-mail or text communication of needed repair tasks transmitted to local HVAC technicians. The age, condition, repair record, warranty status, and operating performance of every HVAC is also readily accessible in the energy management system database, so that when repairs are needed, management can determine whether it is more economical to replace a faulty unit rather than repair it, based on its age and condition.

Before the development of energy management systems, the only option available to operators was to treat their HVAC repair and maintenance as a single, major line item in their annual budget. But now that HVAC monitoring features make pre-emptive repair possible, repair and maintenance costs can be substantially reduced.

So instead of viewing maintenance and repair expense as a given line item year after year, real-time HVAC monitoring can cut annual repair expense to a fraction of its former cost.