Your Multi-Unit Operation is Losing Money in Energy Costs – How to Fix the Problem:

    Effective energy management is difficult for any business, but especially challenging for large retailers operating many individual stores across the country. Here are some of the major challenges for large retailers: Many locations, many temperature zones:  Widely dispersed store loc...  continue

Why Smart Operators are Targeting “Dumb” Energy Assets to Cut Overhead Costs

Many business operators recognize that rising energy costs pose a significant overhead cost challenge.  For multi-facility operators -- especially those with multiple locations in different geographic locations – the challenge is even greater. A major problem for facility managers responsible fo...  continue

Are Most HVAC Systems Designed for “Run to Failure” Breakdowns?

Another, less noticeable aspect of energy management for multi-location operators is the condition of the large base of HVAC systems under their management and repair cost responsibility. Rooftop and ground-mounted HVAC units are inherently “dumb,” in that they have no built-in intelligent monito...  continue